About my background

Making pictures was what I was best at from cildood so I had little choice in my vocation. My father thought a girl should have a profession and wished me to do secretarial studies. I was entered into the secretarial college but refused to continue. I had a very disrupted education as a war child but was fortunate to be admitted at a very young age from a large group og entrants to Willesden Technical College that had a special program for such as I, as it had half day general schooling and the other half was art studies.  My parents had artistic an background, particulaaily my mother who had been refused by her parents to go to art school. My father was against my doing art as he feared the “boheme” influence, but my mother supported and encouraged me.

From there I went to St. Martins School of Art where I bean with “fashion” and went over to graphics

I worked afterwards in a few art studios in London and later in Oslo, after I met and married a Norwegian man. After three children I entrapy BA course at St. Albans , Hertfordshire College of Art, Psychology Dept. While studying I had groups, worked with individuals, under supervision, and was in practice at day centers and ran courses at North London College, Short Course Unit, named Playspace.

During the last years I have run groups and had clients in psychotherapy, art therapy, relaxation, and visualisation, as personal development and stimulating creativity. This has been short term therapy of 2-3 months so that I was able to concentrate my work on making pictures for periods

I have held many solo exhibitions as well as showing in collective shows.

My pictures are inspired by nature’s bounty and beauty with colour, form, contrast and light. My style is naturalistic/impressionistic. I use oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel, charcoal, pencils, and painting on silk. Lithography and etching I have been making earlier, and may return to do in future.

My motives vary from landscapes, interiors, people, children, portraits, fruit, vegetables and flowers. These last I call “Living Life” rather than “still Life” since I see all these natural things in the process of change, from tiny start to maturity and so to withering and death to rebirth in their differing ways. All changing continuously as ourselves, due to the day’s rhythm, climate, seasons, and culture with media influence.

To paint for me is a way of being absorbed in the many facets of reality and through this find confirmation for my own life and meaning with it. My pictures are impressed by both my spiritual, physical, and fantasy experience that has derived from nature, with its atmosphere, music, and human strength and fragility.  Natures’ beauty, violence, and enormity never ceases to enthral and fascinate me. I feel the greatest awe when I experience these things and an experience of oneness with the elements and the mystery of all at such times.

Fantasy is connected to fairytales, myths, fables and dreams for me, wherein lies hope comfort, tenderness and longing. These emotions spring  from the inner source to become butterflies of poems, pictures- like prayers from the soul.                

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